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NewSound VIVO206 Digital Behind the Ear Hearing Aid

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 The NewSound VIVO 206 Digital Hearing Aid is a new, very affordable, 2 channel digital hearing aid that happens to be the most popular digital hearing aid that we offer. It features flexibility by being able to exchange between an Ear hook and an Open-fit Tube  (we include both). It is especially for people with moderate to severe hearing loss who also desire a flexible experience at an affordable price.

    • Optimized Digital Signal Processing Hearing Aid
    • 2 Channel Multi Memory Amplifier - Amplify the sound, shaping the low frequency and high frequency differently by setting.
    • Important - Background Noise Reduction
    • Low Battery Warning
    • Memory Switch
    • Easy to use Rocker Volume Control - Rock/Toggle up or down, no fussy dials that are hard to manipulate
    • The VIVO 206 takes a size A13 replacement battery
    • Fits either ear
    • Volume and program resume - The hearing aid reverts to the previous volume and program when the hearing aid is powered on again.
    • 2 Channel Multi memory  Program 1 is suitable for a quiet environment and program 2  if you're in a noisy environment ( low frequency reduced ).                            

 Ear Hook & Open Fit Options
The NewSound VIVO206 Digital Hearing aid offers an "Open Fit" option which is more fashionable and a flexible "Ear Hook" which is a more traditional look. ( We include both )

  Instruction Manual



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