Who is NewSound?

Who is NewSound?
NewSound is one of our important suppliers who have been in hearing aid industry for more than 10 years. Guided by ISO 13485 certificated systems, NewSound has its own integrated R&D, manufacturing as well as quality control teams and facilities, and all the products have been certificated by FDA. Either for oneself, friends or partners, NewSound easy-to-use and affordable hearing aids would be the best choice for the hearing-impaired.




What they say

David Yu, CEO of NewSound
Founded in 2004, the whole family of NewSound has been devoting to offering great hearing aids and personal sound amplifier with affordable price to the hearing impaired around the world. NewSound sincerely believe that such a simple hearing device will bring the most happiness to the customers.

H. Christopher Schweitzer, Ph.D
"When I first heard the sound from NewSound hearing aid, I get a very comfortable feeling. Through years of clinical experiments, we found NewSound hearing aid always put user's listening experience into first place. After several tests towards high-frequency hearing, they developed products with comfortable listening experience. It is worth mentioning NewSound developed hearing aid algorithm according to Chinese pronunciation rule, and produced hearing aids suit for their language. What surprised me is that their high-quality hearing aids are not expensive, this can help many hearing-impaired get affordable and suitable hearing solutions. "

Richard R Lytle Prof
I have worked in the education of the deaf for more than 40 years. My family and I also wear hearing aids. I am very glad to participate in the development of NewSound. The comfort of wearing of NewSound hearing aid is beyond my intent, my family and I are very happy to recommend it to more friends with hearing loss.