Which is Best for you?

1. America's Favorite in the ear hearing device

Fits snugly in either ear. So Small and Powerful You’ll think you have Bionic Hearing. New Digital technology amplifies like never before. Let’s you:

■ Hear the Quietest Whispers         
■ Listen to the Faintest Phone conversations
■ Watch TV with the volume on low
■ Clearly hear conversations in a crowded room 

Each AmpliEar comes with 4 FREE batteries, a FREE cleaning brush, a full color guide and 3 FREE custom fitting ear pieces to guarantee a perfect fit for men and women of all sizes. Best of all, it’s only $34.50 with FREE SHIPPING!  
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2. The VIVO108 Hides Behind Either Ear - Only $89

This state-of-the-art hearing device nestles gently behind your ear. An almost invisible tube runs into your ear. Small... Comfortable... Powerful... Discrete... Perfect for men and woman. Our enhanced noise reduction filter enhances listening comprehension and enjoyment. Easy to use on-off button and volume control. Comes with crisp cleaning brush and four FREE ear pieces guaranteed to fit the tiniest (and the largest) ears. Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. MSR = $119. Yours for only $89 - a $30 SAVINGS and FREE SHIPPING! 
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3. The VIVO206 Digital Hearing Amplifier is so Small You'll Fool Your Friends - & Save $40!

This Digital Sound Processor can be just the answer you want in any situation. Setting #1 when you are in a quiet situation and Setting #2 with a noise cancellation feature making it perfect for a noisy environment. Comfortable... Light Weight... Fits over either ear... Perfect for both men and women.  Comes with the nearly invisible tube and a choice of 4 different ear pieces - each one designed to fit snugly in your ear. MSR - $169 Yours through this special offer for just $129, - a $40 SAVINGS and FREE SHIPPING too! 
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