Interview with a customer

Interview With a Customer

HearBetter.Info:  How did you hear about our hearing aid products?

Max E:  I did a google search for cheap hearing aids.  I had been having trouble hearing the TV and my wife kept complaining that it was too loud!  

HearBetter.Info: And of our hearing amplifiers and hearing aids, which product did you choose?  

Max E: I tried the Ampli-Ear because it looked small and it was affordable, to be honest. I liked it right away. My wife is thrilled because I don't ask her to repeat everything anymore!

HearBetter.Info: Does the Hearing Aid fit well?

Max E:  It does!  I like the choice of how to make it fit the ear correctly, so it worked well for me.  Also, it was easy to set up and the hearing aid batteries are easy.  I just buy more on your site when I need them because I know they are the right ones.  I have recommended it to several friends.  I did have one friend who got one and said it really didn't fit his ear right, but he returned it and tried another hearing aid from the site and that has worked well for him.

HearBetter.Info:  Thank you for recommending us.  I'm glad he found the right one.  We try to offer a solution for everyone, and I'm happy that he was happy with the hearing aid he ultimately chose.  Is there anything we could have done better to help you or to improve our customer service?

Max E:  No.  I have been satisfied with my Ampli-Ear as a cheap hearing aid.

HearBetter.Info:  Thank you for being a valued customer!  I'm so glad to know that we were able to help you.  That is our number one goal!